Reality Hackers Kickstarter is now Live! Monday 8th April 2019
The link to the Kickstarter campaign is now live! And we managed to reach more than 50% of the goal within 24 hours! Outstanding!

Please consider pledging or even just sharing the link to get the word out there :)

Synthwave Logo Design Tuesday 5th March 2019

Recently I designed some logos for producers in the synthwave music genre.
I'm very happy with how they turned out, and I even created an animated version!

For affordable logo design please get in touch, or follow me on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to see my latest work!

Reality Hackers Kickstarter Launch Date Sunday 3rd March 2019

For my final degree project, I've decided to reboot my webcomic Reality Hackers.

I was never totally happy with the artwork and story of the first few issues I drew. They were only the beginning of what was, in my mind, an epic saga of at least 24 issues. But I spent so much time working on it and thinking about it (and editing it, and rewriting it, and trying to incorporate so many different ideas and concepts based on my own life journey and evolving interests) that it just became a bit too all over the place and not a solid story that I thought I could keep working on or even publish.

So last Summer I began work on a new, more refined version. Technically set at an earlier time than the original story, I think it helps set the stage for figuring out what kind of world my characters inhabit, and what kind of message and journey I want to utilise them to explore.
I've also thought more about the characters and who they really are, while also ditching some of the underdeveloped and less interesting characters of the original story.

On April 5th 2019 I will be releasing a Kickstarter campaign to raise a few hundred pounds to pay for print costs of the first issue, and also some extra goodies that will be released as higher-tier rewards.
I'll also be spending March releasing some teasers of the storyline, character bios and more.
Follow me on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for updates and information leading up to the release date!