Cyberpunk Comic Reality Hackers Kickstarter Launch Date Announced

Cyberpunk Comic Reality Hackers Kickstarter announced!

On April 5th 2019 I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for my cyberpunk comic Reality Hackers. The campaign will raise money to print the first issue, as well as offer some cool extra goodies! I’ll also be spending March releasing teasers of the story-line, character biographies and more.

This project is one of those really big, grand-scale and epic stories that I’ve had in my mind and been chipping away at for quite a few years now. It’s a dystopian sci-fi story with heavy influences from late 1980’s / early 1990’s cyberpunk, along with elements drawn from psychedelic counter-culture, and focuses on a group of Mad Max-styled biker-hackers who realise they can manipulate the structure of reality and try to take over the world, while their main artificially intelligent nemesis – the C.O.R.E. – tries to do the same.

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