Reality Hackers Indiegogo Campaign & General Update

Reality Hackers Indiegogo Campaign & General Update

It’s been nearly two years since I properly updated my site and blog. Since then I’ve ran a second successful crowdfunding campaign for my cyberpunk comic Reality Hackers, this time on Indiegogo.

Pandemic aside, the last two years have been enormously chaotic for me. They’ve been full of unexpected twists and turns in my career and personal life. In a lot of ways they have also been full of very positive things. That is something I try to remember to be grateful for.

In December 2020 I launched the Indiegogo campaign for Reality Hackers – Issue 2 – EXiLE. It passed the goal within the 60 day campaign. I made some great new friends along the way by going on some YouTube livestreams to promote the campaign. This campaign was a bit different to the first Kickstarter campaign for issue 1 as I launched it with the bulk of the book still to be drawn. This did have the advantage of allowing me to offer a ‘custom character‘ reward on the campaign for backers to be drawn into the book – which was really fun to do!

Custom Characters of Indiegogo backers drawn into Reality Hackers issue 2 – EXiLE

Unfortunately, I ended up fulfilling the campaign about three months later than scheduled. The last packages were sent off just last week. I am still so happy that I managed to do it. It’s been fun to see people getting their package with the comics and the stretch goal extras. Everybody got an A4 print of Rubella and an embroidered patch of the Reality Hackers logo. However, I have learned that for a stress-free campaign, it is probably better to complete the majority of the artwork first. This is how I did it on Kickstarter, and I think is the model I’ll go back to next time.

Reality Hackers issues 1 & 2 with Rubella print and patch

Issue 2 is another single-issue floppy with 28 full-colour pages of psychoactive cyberpunk madness. It gives a proper introduction to each of the hackers and we find out a bit more about the forces behind that which calls itself ‘The C.O.R.E.‘. The campaign is still InDemand so if you want to pick up a copy, head on over there!

Site Revamp & Update

In other news, I have given the site a bit of a freshening up. I’ve changed to a dark theme which is a bit more sleek and should function more smoothly. I did way too much tinkering with the last version, and didn’t even set up the child theme properly, which was starting to cause issues. Hopefully this one will function nicely, and for longer.

The art pages have been updated to better reflect what I’ve been up to the last few years. I am particularly happy with the new comics page – so go check it out!

Finally, I want to make an effort to start using this blog more frequently. For art-related stuff, but also to share my thoughts on other subjects. It’s nice to have a place away from the main social media platforms, so I really should make use of it! So something interesting should be incoming.. soon. 🙂

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